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Resource Colorado has been successfully doing business in Denver, CO and the surrounding area for over 30 years. We specialize in carpet as well as all types of hard surfaces. We are proud to offer our customers the finest labor force in the area. Our projects range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars, and our dedicated staff takes pride in delivering the best customer service possible regardless of project size.


Our quality control is unmatched due to the high level of experience of our staff, including superior estimating and project management. Our facility includes a full working showroom and an on-site warehouse facility. We value our long-term relationships and look forward to new opportunities.

Our Team
John Stanfield
Duane De Jonge
Tanner De Jonge
General Manager
Sylvia Edmonson
Business Development
Danielle Lawrence
Senior Account Manager
Jaime Gagne
Senior Account Manager
Dan Hageman
Senior Account Manager
Natalie Reagan
Tile Manager
Lisa Van Gilder
Project Director
Michael Hudson
Project Manager
Joel Lanus
Project Manager
Paul Robison
Project Manager
Erik Haag
Gerry Sapper
Chris Lippiello
Billing Specialist
Sara Hildebrand
Office Administrator
Dan Raiten
Operations Manager
Ed Todd
Installation Manager
Tim Nutter
Field Superintendent
Reese Nordbye
Tile Field Superintendent
Leroy Garcia
Installation Tech
Peter Betancourt
Installation Tech
Gerardo Castro
Installation Tech
Luis Salinas
Installation Tech
Steven Hamilton
Installation Tech
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Installation Tech
Lance Strait
Director of Maintenance
Ryan Pollard
Maintenance Field Supervisor
Tekilu Ayyeno
Maintenance Technician
Tafese Denbor
Maintenance Technician
Hailu Abate
Maintenance Technician
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Paul Robison

Project Manager