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Advice for Avoiding Construction Pitfalls


Volume XX, Issue 2

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In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens opens with, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." This story could be a parable for today's business climate. The pressure to cut a corner here or there to stay profitable, or to find creative ways to get more work done with fewer people, is testing the mettle of many companies. Knowing this, it is more important than ever to be on the lookout for pitfalls that can derail your flooring project. You can't foresee every possible construction predicament, but you can, as Dicken's classic concludes, do a "far, far better thing" for your flooring projects by focusing on a few key areas.

This issue of ReSources™ focuses on a few of these problem areas and provides advice on how you can avoid them on your project.

And Now a Word About Flooring...


Volume XX, Issue 1

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Every business develops words, definitions and terminology that become part of the language of the trade. If you're a designer, specifier, facility manager or building manager learning and using interiors language and jargon helps you communicate better with and to each other. Your not only sound smarter, you are equipped to make more intelligent decisions. Understanding trade words can be essential to the integrity of the job itself. At the very least, it eliminates misunderstanding and confusion.

In this issue of ReSources™ our goal is to familiarize our readers with commonly used flooring terms. You can't be an expert on everything from antimicrobial to zircon, but it is helpful to understand the basics. It's also valuable to be aware of multiple descriptions that may be used to describe the same product or process, which can vary from one floor category to another. So, for those who are new to the world of flooring, and even for experienced professionals who are never too old to learn, here's a glossary of many, but certainly not all, terms that will help you speak the same language with your suppliers, your peers and your clients.

2020 Starnet Worldwide Design Awards

Design Awards

Special Edition

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Since 1998, the Starnet Design Awards have recognized dynamic relationships between Starnet Members and the A&D community by spotlighting the innovative use of flooring in commercial design. This year, we continue to celebrate the creativity and professionalism of the A&D community as well as the quality and versatility of Starnet Preferred Vendor flooring products.

Prizes are awarded in a total of six categories. Projects may be entered in one and only one of the following categories:


  • Corporate

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Hospitality/Public Space

  • Mixed-Use Developments

  • Unique installation challenge

This special edition recognizes the winning entries in each category.

Cleaning with the Power of VitalOxide®

Infection Control

ReSource Floor Care

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As businesses struggle through the realties of an ongoing pandemic, being prepared with an effective and realistic infection control plan is becoming a cornerstone of success. ReSource Colorado can help provide a clean and sanitized work environment for your staff through our Infection Control Services.


Utilizing the power of VitalOxide®, a hospital grade disinfectant specifically registered by the EPA to kill COVID-19, our atomized fogging methodology has a 99.999% kill rate. We pay special attention to common use areas where COVID-19 can easily spread through contact with high touch areas.

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